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Our Story

LalaBrand Helsinki, a clothing line designed in Finland, is daring and free, carries an element of rock, playful, yet comfortable and functional. It is about life stories, curiosity and discovery.

We believe in keeping a free and optimistic spirit, loving life and exploring the world and its wonders in ready to wear pieces that fit into our life style. We are both simple and with attitude. 

We are about a community of those who wish to stay free and leap into the unknown. We invite you to hit the road and share your stories with us.

Letter from the Founder 

Life is an interesting box of all sorts of wonders - some amaze, some disappoint, some make us laugh, some make us cry, but there is an undeniable beauty and excitement in that we do not always know where it will take us. Throughout my life, I embraced the "different" and the unknown and was not afraid to take chances and walk down the path I had never walked down before. In more cases than not it worked to my favour and enriched my spirit. 
I was born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia, lived through the war and following my dad’s injury, came to a cold country on that February day of 1996. Unrooted southern blood, planted in the north. It took years before my dad’s state stabilised, but it was during those years that Finland showed its kindness and grew on me. Driven by curiosity and desire for new experiences, I have moved and lived in different countries since - Germany and Spain on few occasions, Switzerland. London was home for nine years where my ambitions brought me into the world of investment banking. But my harbour was always Helsinki, a city I would come back to in between my explorations.
Throughout my wonders, there was this deep twitching need for creation of something that would embrace life stories (as we all have them!), bring people closer together, and would yet enable me to help the region I originate from by giving it that little bit that I can. This, with my love for fashion and pursuit of the "new", led to making of LalaBrand Helsinki.
LalaBrand is a new chapter in my life, yet another path I had never walked down before. It represents my wish to create something that you could take with you into the unknown, wear stylishly while discovering life and the world, traveling, creating your own life story. I wanted it to be simple and functional (where else to start but from designing jeans!), yet have pieces that carry an edge and match a daring personality. I wish LalaBrand to be about community where life stories could be shared, so please do reach out to us and show us where LalaBrand has followed you and we will share your story on our portal.
Be free and bold, get out there and explore life, for someone once said life only starts at the edge of the unknown. 
Yours trully,
Alma Rec
Founder of LalaBrand Helsinki